NPD Akaroa Auto Centre

‘If you are in a car, we are there to help’ is how Brian Little describes the services you can expect from NPD Akaroa Auto Centre in the small, Banks Peninsular community.

Brian and his wife Patsy have been at the site for 40 years, although Brian says things have changed a lot over the years.

“When I first took over it was just a truck depot with a few pumps out the front, a small workshop and we sold a few souvenirs,” he says.

Brian thought he’d build up the business and be out of there in around five years. However, he got married, had a family and things progressed from there.  Forty years on he says the garage still has an important role in the small community.

“We don’t just sell petrol, we have a workshop, tyre bay, breakdown service – we do all sorts of things – that’s what makes a country garage.”

In his spare time Brian does a lot of yacht racing and is proud to hoist his spinnaker with the NPD logo on it.

PIC: Yacht with spinnaker

55 Rue Lavaud


03 304 7055

Regular 91Premium 95Diesel
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